A conflict between Kern Medical and a labor union representing many of the hospital's employees escalated this week with the filing of a California Fair Political Practices Commission complaint alleging self-dealing among three former and current executives of the medical center.

The same kind of insurance problems bedeviling California drivers and homeowners have begun hitting local small business owners, who lately face sharply higher premiums attributed to rising crime, state-level bureaucratic challenges and a shortage of alternative carriers.

A new poll out of USC suggests potential voters in the November election overwhelmingly support lifting a stay on a 2022 law that would establish 3,200-foot buffer zones known as setbacks between petroleum operations and sensitive sites like homes and schools.

New owners of Aera Energy LLC have agreed to sell the ý-based oil producer to a local competitor for a little more than half the amount they bought it for one year ago as both companies wrestle with a permitting slowdown amid an industry drive to invest in carbon management.

A markdown of almost $2.3 million on 1,134 acres of farmland for sale southwest of Wasco is the latest sign of how acute the buyer's market for ag property has become amid continuing water challenges, elevated interest rates and slumping commodity prices.

California ranchers are looking for a new solution after state officials gave notice this month there is probably not enough money left in a special fund to compensate cattlemen whose livestock are killed or otherwise impacted by gray wolves living under government protection.

New leadership will take the helm of the Golden Empire Transit District, the largest public transit system within a 110-mile radius that includes ý city limits as well as surrounding unincorporated areas.

Before people started recognizing him at places like Home Depot, 18-year-old Briggor "Briggs" Mendenhall of southwest ý spent more than a year casting about for ideas for a TikTok show. He was about to give up, having decided "I'm not different from anyone else."

The case between the state of California and Cathy Miller, a ý bakery owner who in 2018 refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple, may soon return to the national spotlight as attorneys on both sides prepare for an appeals showdown sometime this summer.

ý’s 44th Prayer Breakfast is set in two weeks’ time, for Jan. 23. The annual event, starting at 6:40 a.m., brings together thousands in a communal ceremony over prayers, casserole and speeches — on homelessness, oil, agriculture and the economy.